Just Because!!!

3D Mini Origami Stars!!!

My first blog, my first post – Yayyy!!

I first made these little stars a few months ago and now I am addicted. I have filled one whole jar for myself, made one mason jar-full for a friend and am in the process of filling another one as a Christmas gift. ๐Ÿ™‚

They can be great decoration items for any season or celebration – Just choose your colors and get started!!!


Materials Required:

  1. A4 size Construction Paper (You could use any other kind of paper. I used construction paper as the stars come out looking like they are made of a sturdy material and kept inside a jar they look like a jar full of star shaped candy)
  2. Ruler; and
  3. A pair of scissors.


Take an A4 size construction paper and measure and cut 1/2 inch wide strips . Remember the 1/2 inch width should be measured on the breadth side of the paper. The strips should come out long and thin (as shown below) and that would give you the perfect little mini star.


Next we need to make a knot – Fold the strip at approximately 1/4th length of the strip. The fold should be look like a half-bow which we usually make while creating bows out of ribbons. Now, insert the long end of the strip into the half-bow space.

photo 5-1photo 4(2)Flatten the knot and tighten it as shown below. This forms the foundation of the structure of the star and should be properly tightened leaving no spaces.

photo 3(2)

The short end of the strip has to be inserted into the knot, so as to close the structure from one end. The short end should fit perfectly into the knot and if there is any excess, the same has to be cut to be a perfect fit. ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  photo 2(5)
Now, start wrapping the length of the strip around the hexagonal structure, running the outside length of the strip parallel with one of the lengths of the hexagonal structure. It is very important through out this process to keep in mind that the wrapping has to be tight i.e. fit like a glove over the base structure.

photo 1(5)photo 1(6)Once we reach the end of the strip, adjust the length by cutting (Just like we did while starting the star structure). Insert the strip into the visible sleeve.

Important tip: The strip inserted into the strip should not be too short, otherwise we run the risk of the structure unwrapping while shaping the hexagon into a star.

Shaping the star:

Choose one of the sides of the hexagon (I prefer the one right opposite to the side where the last bit of strip was inserted – where you can see one of the little triangles forming) and use the side of your thumb to push the mid-point of that side inside.

photo 3(3)photo 4(3)

Repeat this process on all of the remaining four sides.

And we have a STAR!!! – A mini 3D Star.

photo 1(7)

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