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Paper bead necklace.

photo 1-14This is something I learnt from my 4th or 5th grade Arts teacher and I am still amazed at the simplicity of the process and the fabulousness of the end product. I have made these necklaces for many of my friends and some of them thought that I had spent money on them. (I take it as a compliment even though it was coming from a 7th grade kid 🙂 )

Materials Required:

  1. A thin paper (a magazine page, wrapping paper, origami paper etc). It is better if the paper has different colors, maybe different graphics, interesting patterns, as that would make for beautiful beads. I used  wrapping paper which looked something like this!! → → photo 1-10
  2. A ball-pen refill or a bamboo/wooden skewers.
  3. Glue.
  4. String/ thread, jump-rings, hooks for necklaces/ bracelets (available at any craft shop).
  5. And of-course: a pair of scissors.


You can take any length and width of the paper, it can be a magazine page, a newspaper or a scrap wrapping paper!! You can make short and stout beads or long and lean beads. For eg. my beads, as seen in the picture, are long and lean and measure approx. 1.5 inch in length. 

To make maximum use of the paper,we basically need to create triangles with equal base lengths. Please remember, the measurement of the length on one side should begin from the mid-point of the length of the opposite side. 

For eg: Imagine the two sides of the paper are Side A and Side B – Measure 1.5 inch on Side A, then mark the mid-point of the 1.5 inch that you just measured on Side A. Draw a straight line from the mid-point on Side A to Side B. Draw a triangle as shown below. Then from the tip of the triangle on Side B, measure 1.5 inch and join the base of the triangle on Side A. Continue drawing triangles following this process, till you run out of paper. 

Caution: I am giving the example of 1.5 inches, because that is the length I used. It is completely up-to you to decide the length of your beads. The length will not compromise the look of the beads.


Now cut out the triangles we drew in the last step.

photo 3-4

Take one triangle and keep the refill/ skewer parallel to the widest part of the triangle. Make the first roll around the refill/ skewer and keep tightly rolling the triangle around the refill/ skewer. There should be no loose rolls, as that would effect the rolling and spoil the look of the beads. 

photo 5-3  photo 2-11 photo 3-5

Apply glue to the tip of the triangle and close the bead. Wipe off the excess glue from the bead and gently pull it out from the refill/ skewer.

photo 4-4   photo 1-11

String together the beads, add any additional “real” beads or any different kind of  paper beads or charms. Tie the ends of the string to jump rings and necklace hooks and the necklace is done!!

photo 2-13

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