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Coming soon – His & Hers Canvas Project.

IMG_1733-2I have been extremely excited about this project and it has been taking more time than I imagined. So here is a sneak peek into the project!!

The idea was to paint three canvases each for Him and Her. I wanted to start with smaller surfaces, so I ordered 6×6 square canvases (Aa Studio Stretched Canvas Case/10 6X6). The His canvases are Formula One racing teams – Scuderia Ferrari and Mercedes Benz; and the Hers canvases are Blue Louboutin shoes and the Minion eye :). 

I had always used watercolors prior to this project and was new to acrylics. I wanted good quality colors but also colors which were easy to work with for an acrylic beginner. So I did some research on what colors would best suit my project. Since I wanted a flat surface painting with no textures, I opted for Liquitex Professional Soft Body Acrylic Paint. If you want to do textural painting with indentations and peaks, you should use the heavy-body acrylic paints. 

I also intend to varnish the paintings to enhance the colors, give them a nice glossy sheen and protect them from everyday dirt and dust. The project is still ongoing – 2 more canvases are yet to be painted.

I hope to post all the details soon, once the project is finished.



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